Finding a great employee—much like finding a significant other—isn’t always easy. That’s why some operators are turning to online tools like Shiftgig for help seeking out the most compatible workers on the market.

While many hiring platforms, such as PeopleMatter HIRE, assist with interview screening, onboarding, and scheduling, Shiftgig aims to directly connect employers and job seekers on a free social media–like platform, says founder Jeff Pieta.

“When a candidate creates a profile on Shiftgig, he receives matches on jobs and just has one click to apply. Managers can also reach out to candidates,” he says. “When a manager sees applicants that apply to their job posts in the dashboard, they’re organized by a fit score by how good of a match they are.”

Online since January 2012, Shiftgig is used in nine cities by 173,000 candidates and 6,200 employers, including quick serves like Tropical Smoothie Café, Epic Burger, Shakey’s, and Q-BBQ.

Michael LaPidus, owner of Q-BBQ, says he has hired three employees using the platform. “I was able to vet candidates at a deeper level rather than just receiving their resume coming in the door,” he says.

Hiring and retaining good employees can be costly and time-intensive, Pieta says, which is why online hiring tools can save managers time and money. But these platforms might take a while to catch on in the restaurant industry, says Mathew Mandeltort, manager of research and consulting at Technomic.

In the meantime, Mandeltort says, operators shouldn’t discount traditional recruitment avenues. “[These programs] assume you’re computer savvy,” he says. “I’m not saying it shouldn’t be a tool in someone’s arsenal, but historically, the restaurant industry has always been a little slow on the uptake with technology.”

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