Since the early days in 1996 when Jimmy Seidel “Snarf” opened the very first Snarf’s Sandwiches in Boulder, Colorado, we’ve grown into a beloved family-owned business with over 30 restaurants across Colorado, St. Louis, and Austin, Texas. Throughout our 27-year journey, our mission has remained steadfast: To deliver the best sandwich in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, where everyone in our community belongs. We strive to create emotional connections with our guests while making a meaningful impact in the communities we serve.

One of the cornerstones of our success has been our unwavering commitment to positive customer engagement, which includes actively responding to social media posts and feedback from our guests. In today’s digital age, a brand’s presence on social media platforms is more than just a marketing strategy; it’s a direct line of communication with our community.

We understand that our customers are not just consumers but rather members of our Snarf’s family. Social media platforms provide an interactive space where we can listen, learn, and engage with our customers on a personal level. It’s a two-way street where we can address concerns, answer questions, and share the joy of celebrating memorable sandwich experiences together.

Our pursuit of new strategies to engage with our fans while, at the same time, elevate our efforts to fight hunger locally led us to partner with GiftAMeal. This collaboration not only connects us with our customers but also serves our communities directly. With a simple scan of a GiftAMeal QR code and a snapshot of their sandwich, customers trigger a donation to a local food bank, helping provide a meal for a family in need. Sharing their photo on personal social media channels generates an extra meal donation for each platform selected, all funded by Snarf’s. GiftAMeal embodies our joint effort with customers to create positive change, seamlessly blending technology, community engagement, and social responsibility. Since launching the program in May, Snarf’s has helped provide nearly 20,000 meals through local food banks near each store.

At Snarf’s, we view social media as a platform for genuine connections, and we encourage our customers to share their Snarf’s experiences with us. Understanding that a positive social media presence fosters loyalty and empowers us to serve our customers’ evolving needs better has proved integral to our business practices. By actively communicating with our fans online, we ensure that their voices are heard, and that their experiences with Snarf’s are nothing short of exceptional. There are numerous approaches to harness the power of social networks, and discovering those that seamlessly align with your goals will drive your business forward into the future.

Positive customer engagement, social media responsiveness, and social responsibility are essential to the Snarf’s experience. Our commitment to building genuine connections and giving back to our communities shapes a future where businesses like Snarf’s not only serve outstanding food but also actively involve themselves with their communities, making a lasting impact, one sandwich at a time.

Helen Wood is the Director of Marketing at Snarf’s Sandwiches, bringing her extensive expertise to the Colorado-based sandwich brand since February 2019. With a robust background, including 11 years as Director of Marketing for Tavern Hospitality Group and 14 years as the Director of Sales & Events at Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, she’s a seasoned professional in the restaurant industry.

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