“Poké is traditionally a dish from Hawaii. It dates to hundreds of years ago, when Hawaiian fishermen would go out to sea and catch fish. With the extra fish they’d have left over, they would create these salads where they would marinate the pieces of fish in soy sauce and add macadamia nuts and other toppings that they had, and they created almost a sushi salad.

“This bowl is pretty simple. It’s our Yellowfin tuna. It has the poké basics, so sea salt, green onions, and sesame seeds. It has our creamy togarashi sauce, which is a spicy mayo. We use Japanese kewpie mayo and we use chili oil, and some sriracha to spice it up, then the togarashi. We also add avocado to the bowl.

The Players:

• Yellowfin tuna

• Togarashi sauce

• Avocado

• Sea salt

• Green onions

• Sesame seeds

• Kewpie mayo

• Chili oil

• Sriracha

• Kale citrus salad

• Crispy onions

“We do a really nice creamy togarashi, which is probably most similar to a spicy tuna sauce you’d find at a sushi bar. As you can see, a lot of Japanese ingredients go into our sauces, but they play really nicely with our different types of fish.

“All of our bowls are completely customizable, even though we have both signature and build-your-own bowls. On all of the bowls, you get to choose one of three bases—our bamboo rice, our kelp noodles, or our kale salad. Then for all the bowls we have the option to add additional toppings, and five are complimentary.

“On top of this bowl, we have house-made crispy onions. The base in this bowl is a kale citrus salad, which is a kale salad with citrus vinaigrette.”

—Seth Cohen

cofounder, Sweetfin Poké

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