Desserts of Europe, Asia Inspire Häagen-Dazs Flavors

Beginning mid-January, Häagen-Dazs Shops will unveil four indulgent flavors available exclusively for new and loyal shop customers. Prior to hitting grocery aisles, shops nationwide will feature the flavors in unique sundaes for a limited time.

The internationally renowned brand known for its pure, super premium ice cream developed a collection of new flavors, inspired by several dessert delicacies found around the world.

Expert Tips on Co-Branding

Having opened his first Nestlé Toll House unit in 2007, Howard Taylor quickly became acquainted with the quick-serve industry and today owns and operates five units in Michigan. Taylor caught wind of the partnership between Nestlé Toll House and Häagen-Dazs in February, and explored the option of cobranding his own locations.

In July, Taylor opened his first cobranded Nestlé Toll House/Häagen-Dazs unit, and he is already planning to do the same with the rest of his existing locations.

Häagen-Dazs, Nestle Café Sweeten Up Dallas

On Saturday, July 16, Shops and Nestlé Toll House Café celebrated the grand opening of its newest co-branded location in theupscale shopping mall, Dallas Galleria, with some exciting giveaways.

To commemorate the occasion, Häagen-Dazs awarded one lucky customer with free ice cream for a year. In addition, Nestlé Toll House Café gave away 1,000 smiles (mini chocolate chip cookies) and Häagen-Dazs gave the first 500 customers in attendance free scoops of their favorite ice cream flavors.

The Art of Site Selection

Being in the right place at the right time is the key to success in any business. And as the nation finally begins to climb out of one of the worst recessions in U.S. history, a number of quick-service companies are advising their franchisees that, with soft real estate prices, lower construction costs, and increasing availability of capital loans from lending institutions, now is the right time to get growing again—as long as the sites are right.

The Dirty Work

Some might say that the last three years have not been very, well, accommodating for the quick-service industry. With lenders and customers alike pulling their dollars off the table, the industry has been left to make due with the circumstances and struggle to stay afloat until the economic environment warms.

Although the recession created a fair share of hand wringing in quick-serve c-suites, the franchisees have been dealt the biggest blow; they’re the ones tasked with keeping the brand’s operational gears turning, and the slowing dollars, for them, means a slowing livelihood.