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McDonald's Responds to Cage-Free Controversy

2009-03-20 McDonald's weighs in on the Humane Society's criticism for using eggs from caged hens.

Humane Society Asks McDonald's to Catch up to Its Competitors

2009-03-19 The HSUS is asking shareholders to vote on whether McDonald's-U.S. should join Burger King, Quizos, Hardee's, and more in using eggs from cage-free hens.

Canadians Reinvent the Big Mac

2009-03-16 For a limited time only the Mac Snack Wrap is coming to McDonald's locations across Canada.

McDonald's Franchisees Take Marketing into Their Own Hands

2009-03-16 Southern California McDonald's franchisees launch a new Web site to help drive coffee drinkers to their stores.

Watchdog Group Demands Industry Value [the] Meal

2009-03-12 Corporate Accountability International demands top fast food chains stop interfering with public health policy.

Wild Ride for McDonald's in February

2009-03-09 Systemwide sales for McDonald's worldwide restaurants declined 4.6 percent for the month.

McDonald's Recognizes Managers Who Uphold Founder's Vision

2009-03-03 The top 1 percent of McDonald's managers were awarded the 2008 Ray Kroc Award today.

Pepsi Fails McDonald's Test-Run

2009-02-27 Although the quick-serve giant stocked bottled Pepsi products in some of its stores for more than a year, it is sticking with Coke.

Attacks on Restaurants Grow 377% in 2008

2009-02-27 Animal rights groups are growing in the U.S. and they're taking aim at quick-serves.

7-Eleven Takes on Caribou & Starbucks

2009-02-25 The convenience-store chain is expanding its coffee offerings and looking to give the national coffeehouses a run for their money.