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McDonald's to Sponsor 'Champion' Children From Around the World During the 2008 Olympic Games

2007-08-07 Olympian Michael Phelps will serve as global ambassador for the McDonald's Champion Kids program, which will launch tomorrow in Beijing.

McDonald's Comments on Sale of Boston Market

2007-08-06 McDonald's has identified a buyer for Boston Market, Sun Capital Partners Inc.

An Hour with 'The Empire'

2007-07-27 A new CNBC documentary gives an inside look at the industry giant, McDonald’s.

McDonald's Posts 2Q Loss of $711.7M

2007-07-26 A massive one-time charge dragged down McDonald's Corp. second-quarter results Tuesday as the fast food chain lost $711.7 million.

McDonald's Expects to Post 2Q Loss

2007-07-17 McDonald's Corp. said Monday it expects to post its second quarterly loss in more than 50 years.

Creating a New Language of Nutrition

2007-06-25 McDonald's case study on "Creating a New Language of Nutrition" covers cultural analysis for nutrition icons used in over 109 locales.

Moms Get Unprecedented Access to McDonald's

2007-06-20 A recent survey shows that nearly 90 percent of moms believe it's important that fast-food restaurants provide more information about the food they serve.

Burger King Ignites Spam War With Rival

2007-06-11 Hoping to cash in on Hawaii's love affair with the pinkish meat product, Burger King Corp. last month began offering Spam for breakfast.

McDonald's Early-Morning Campaigns Take Home Top Honors

2007-06-08 McDonald's campaigns garner top prizes at the 39th Annual Effie Awards for advertising.

Zagat Reveals Results of Fast-Food Survey

2007-05-11 Wendy's and Panera Bread Co. are voted most popular.