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Wendy's Reels in Premium Fish Fillet Sandwich for Limited Time

2013-01-30 For a limited time, get hooked on Wendy’s Premium Fish Fillet sandwich and make every day a “Fish Fry Day.”...

McDonald's Has Best Service, Value, Consumers Say

2013-01-17 In a recent survey of restaurant customers in the United States, when it comes to identifying what drives loyalty for restaurants, the most commonly c...

Wendy’s Launches 'Claim Your Taste' Digital Experience

2013-01-16 Craving a Double Stack with fries and value-sized soft drink? How does a DUBYUM, CRISPY, FIZZY sound? ...

Wendy's Offers More Options With Its New Value Menu

2013-01-03 As America enters another year of economic uncertainty, one thing Wendy's can assure consumers of is that its value menu, originally introduced in 198...

Strikes Hit the Big Apple's Largest Fast Food Chains

2012-12-01 New Yorkers saw 200 workers on strike this week at the city’s largest fast food chains, as employees at dozens of McDonald's, Burger Kings, and Taco B...

For Wendy's, It's a Whole New World

2012-10-15 The Wendy’s of tomorrow isn’t your parents’ fast-food joint.

Wendy's Unveils New Bacon Portabella Melt Cheeseburger

2012-10-01 Just in time for cooler temps, Wendy's new Bacon Portabella Melt cheeseburger has what it takes to make you melt.

Wendy's Operator Finds Back-Office Help in RTIconnect

2012-08-28 Mike Allen is a believer in the “value menu," and not just on his restaurant menuboards.

Starbucks Holds $87.4M in Impact Media Value

2012-08-22 Starbucks is the top quick-service restaurant brand with $87.4 million of Impact Media Value according to General Sentiment’s Q2 2012 QSR MediaMatch r...

Wendy's Sees 25% Sales Increases at Prototype Units

2012-08-09 In January, Wendy’s CEO Emil J.