Canadians have discovered a new match made at Wendy’s: Classic Chicken Strips and Homestyle French Toast Sticks. Inspired by syrupdipity, Wendy’s is introducing a new menu creation. Beginning today, customers can order the new Chicken Strips & French Toast Sticks duo all day for a limited time across Canada.

Wendy’s latest menu innovation was discovered after the fan-favourite sweet breakfast item, Homestyle French Toast Sticks, was launched all-day in October. All-day Homestyle French Toast Sticks opened a world of possibilities for new pairings with the Wendy’s menu. The result? Canadians were hungry to create the next combo to rival Hot & Crispy Fries dipped in a Frosty – cue the syrupdipity of Chicken Strips & French Toast Sticks.

“At Wendy’s, we listen to our customer’s cravings and take inspiration from the two-way conversations we have with our fans on social media,” says Liz Geraghty, Chief Marketing Officer, International, The Wendy’s Company. “Pairing two of our most beloved menu items from breakfast and rest of day, our fans inspired us to make the launch of Chicken Strips & French Toast Sticks official.”

Wendy’s newest menu innovation expertly combines the custardy, sweet Homestyle French Toast Sticks and juicy, savoury Classic Chicken Strips into a flavourful and delicious pairing done right. Oh, and we can’t forget the syrup dip!

“Seeing our fans’ response after discovering this newest sweet and savoury flavour combination, we knew we had served up this fresh take on the classic chicken and waffles,” says Hayley Kianoff, Manager, International Culinary Innovation. “Chicken Strips & French Toast Sticks is just the latest example of how we truly co-create our menu alongside our customers, inspired by their cravings.”

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