Superfood bowls and smoothies are the focus of this quick-serve brand with nearly 20 locations mostly in Southern California. Thus, Everbowl’s website and promotional material are beaming with brightly colored bowls filled with toppings. Customers choose a base among superfoods açai, graviola (an antioxidant-rich fruit similar to a paw paw), pitaya (a fruit that comes from cacti), and—the newest addition—acerola (a bright red tropical fruit that is rich in vitamin C). The latter, says founder and CEO Jeff Fenster, should soon garner great popularity in the functional food movement due to its immunity-boosting powers.

After choosing a base, guests can power bowls up more with toppings like bee pollen, chia, flax, hemp protein or seeds, maca, and whey protein. “We encourage our customers to explore the menu at Everbowl to find out what best supports their own personal healthy lifestyle and goals,” Fenster says.

His team is committed to educating customers about the potential health benefits and flavor profiles of each superfood on the menu. “We think customers want delicious food that is healthy, accessible, filling, and affordable,” he says. “We don’t see any slowdown of the functional superfood trend, and are excited to be at the forefront of making these types of foods accessible for everyone as we expand nationwide.”

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