“The Mainah is the perfect blend of savory and sweet. We start with our ground chuck burger (beef for Maine is sourced in Maine; beef for Massachusetts is sourced from Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire). Add sautéed onions, applewood-smoked bacon, and Cabot cheddar cheese. This is the savory component of the Mainah. On top of this, we add thinly sliced green apple and our homemade maple mayo made with Maine maple syrup. This gives the burger a nice crunch, and a sweet component. The griddled fresh-baked bun seals the deal as you bite into a burger that you don’t see at your everyday burger restaurant.

“Maine cuisine is a tough concept to define. While most think of lobster and seafood, we think of Maine cuisine as a mix between traditional and innovative. From potatoes to maple syrup, Maine has been a bedrock for some of the biggest crops in the restaurant industry. We have some incredible businesses. Maine restaurants, especially in Portland, have been revolutionizing the way we look at Maine food. It is what helped inspire us while creating our menu for our new restaurant. A burger is such an identifiable menu item, but with our exposure to Maine cuisine, we have been able to create twists on classics. Our customers are able to step out of their comfort zones, but still enjoy a traditional burger. 

“Maine is known as ‘Vacationland,’ and this is exactly what we are going for with this burger. The Maine maple syrup and green apples add the twist that makes this burger a must-have. While all of our ingredients come from New England, the essential Maine items are what make it so successful.”

—Jack Barber

Cofounder, Mainely Burgers

The Players:

• Ground chuck

• Sautéed onions

• Applewood-smoked bacon

• Cheddar cheese

• Green apple

• Maple mayo

• Griddled bun

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