TOUS les JOURS, a French-Asian bakery café chain offering more than 300 artisan pastries, gourmet cakes, and desserts baked in-store daily, introduced its new, innovative and delicious bread selections – the plant-based Multi-Grain Loaf and Olive Basil Loaf – as permanent menu items. Long known for fluffy, silky bread loaves that incorporate dairy and eggs to achieve the desired result, TOUS les JOURS is now providing customers with sustainable options that deliver the same delicate and pillowy consistency without using animal products. While both loaves offer the same unmistakable tenderness of soft, fluffy bread, the Multi-Grain Loaf consists of nutty and nutritious multigrain seeds, while the Olive Basil Loaf is flavored with aromatic basil and olive. 

“As plant-based offerings continue to grow in popularity and expand throughout the United States, we are extremely proud to be one of the first bakery chains to offer our customers flavorful plant-based bread options that maintain our popular fluffy texture,” says Sue Han, Marketing Manager for TOUS les JOURS. “Whether our customers are plant-based, dairy-free or just want to make sustainable choices, we are eager to serve our new plant-based bread options to TOUS les JOURS guests in nearly 100 communities around the country.”  

As the U.S. bread and bakery market continues its steep growth trajectory, the bread category for TOUS les JOURS makes up over 40% of total sales and represents a core product segment that attracts many regulars to TOUS les JOURS locations around the country. The bread category for the growing bakery café chain continues to show remarkable year-over-year growth, most recently hitting double digits with a 13% increase in 2022. The new plant-based breads join the brand’s beloved Loaf line, which includes immensely popular loaf options such as the Whole Milk Loaf and Purple Sweet Potato Loaf.  

The new plant-based loaves are now available at TOUS les JOURS’ more than 90 U.S. locations and will join TOUS les JOURS’ extensive menu of baked goods and coffee offerings.

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