3 Innovative Condiments that Stole the Show

    These standout condiments can be slathered on or delicately dipped.

    Your Pie

    Condiments can take a menu item to the next level.

    Your Pie’s Ranch Dressing

    “With 60 stores across the U.S., Your Pie noticed it was going through a lot of ranch early on. Our managers asked if we could make the ranch to save on food costs, and our ranch creation was even more loved than what we started with. It has become a huge differentiator for us, and our guests love it.”

    —Drew French

    Founder & President

    The Players:

    • Fresh buttermilk
    • Dill
    • Proprietary seasoning blend


    KFC’s Hot Honey


    KFC’s Hot Honey

    “We introduced sweet and tangy Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ in 2017, then Smoky Mountain BBQ, and now Hot Honey in 2018. It incorporated a little bit of heat from Nashville Hot and a hint of sweet from Georgia Gold. It’s a sweet-heat that’s the best of both worlds. It balances out, making it broadly appealing. Flavors are a great way to drive younger customers into KFC. We’re appealing to food explorers and cravings seekers.”

    —Bob Das

    Head Chef

    The Players:

    • Honey
    • Vinegar
    • Oil
    • Sugar
    • Onion juice
    • Lime juice
    • Chile de arbol
    • Red pepper
    • Paprika
    • Spices


    Wayback Burgers’ Wayback Gold

    Wayback Burgers

    Wayback Burgers’ Wayback Gold

    “The Wayback Gold sauce was created because our guests craved a unique dipping sauce for our side items. It’s a blend of our barbecue sauce and mustard. We use it as a dipping sauce for our hand-breaded chicken tenders and for our side items, such as beer-battered onion rings, french fries, house-made chips, and mac ‘n’ cheese bites. It’s been a tremendous success.”

    —Patrick Conlin

    Senior Vice President

    The Players:

    • Barbecue sauce
    • Mustard
    • Secret ingredients