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    Around the Plant-Forward World in Eight Eateries

  • Despite an abundance of fertile farmland, the U.S. leans heavily on meats and other animal-based foods. Other cultures have a rich history of plant-forward diets, and as more consumers become open to global cuisines and unexpected flavor profiles, the world of veg-forward dining expands into infinite possibilities.


    Encompassing a multitude of nations on the Mediterranean Sea, the dishes vary but often feature ingredients like tomatoes, onions, chickpeas, apricots, and olive oil.

    1. Crazy Pita
    2. Mamoun’s
    3. Pita Mediterranean Street Food
    4. SAJJ Mediterranean
    5. Shouk
    6. Spitz Mediterranean Street Food
    7. Taim Falafel
    8. Yalla Mediterranean

    Regional specialties shine throughout the subcontinent, but as a whole Indian fare embraces bright spices and plant-forward entrées, often eschewing animal proteins.  

    1. Curry Up Now
    2. Kasa Indian Eatery
    3. Naan Stop
    4. RASA
    5. Saucy Bombay
    6. Spice 6
    7. Tarka Indian Kitchen
    8. Tikkaway
    East Asian

    From Thai and Vietnamese to Korean and Japanese, East Asian cuisine capitalizes on a vast array of veggies, as well as traditionally prepared ingredients like tofu and kimchi.

    1. Báhn Shop
    2. Bon Me
    3. Brightwok Kitchen
    4. Crushcraft Thai Eats
    5. Korilla BBQ
    6. Mr Bing
    7. Onigilly
    8. Zao Asian Cafe