Acrelec, a leader in digital kiosk solutions, is partnering with Glory, the leader in cash technology solutions, to introduce a self-ordering kiosk that allows both cash and credit payments at FSTEC from September 18-20th in Anaheim, CA.

Quick service and fast casual operators continue to be challenged with rising labor costs while aiming to improve the order experience and increase check sizes. Self-service kiosks are gaining momentum to take the pressure off, yet the technology has challenges and opportunities. Cash remains the most accepted and highest used payment method, especially in low dollar transactions, which are common in the food service industry. Many quick-serve operators are finding they are alienating cash paying customers by making them wait in a separate line. 

Dwayne Mullet, RVP at Glory says, “Automating the transaction at the point of sale means that cashiers can focus solely on the customer. Cash enabled kiosks ensure all customers receive the same experience whether they pay with cash, card, or debit and eliminates the separate cash-only line.”

As a result, Acrelec and Glory have partnered to create self-ordering solutions that incorporate cash. Paralleling cash and electronic payments will help to eliminate manual cash handling and processing at check-out.  This allows customers to receive a consistent experience and will increase the productivity and customer service levels of the operators. 

Acrelec and Glory will also host an interactive panel at FSTEC on Monday, September 18th to share findings, best practices and explain implications to self-service technology including:

Benefits and challenges to operations in revenue and business impact.

Considerations for the customer experience.

Customer Service Challenges associated with self-service adoption without cash (Kiosk and Mobile) and advantages of addressing in a self-service environment.

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