Burger King has broken new ground by building its latest
hi-tech Drive Thru restaurant in just 24 hours from start to finish.

The restaurant, on the outskirts of Rotherham, U.K., was constructed by a team of more than 100 senior managers
from across Europe, Middle East and Africa working alongside skilled construction workers. The involvement was part of a team-building
initiative, designed to give senior managers a start-to-finish, eyewitness insight into the way a restaurant is built.

Burger King is one of the most successful brands in the QSR sector in Europe with double-digit growth rates. The
building of a restaurant so quickly symbolises Burger King’s commitment to its program of restaurant and job
creation this year. With system sales of $1.7 billion in 2000 within Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMA),representing almost 20% system growth,
Burger King continues to push the boundaries ever wider. EMA president Andre Lacroix was thrilled to be part of
the quickest ever restaurant build and commented: “We are opening a restaurant virtually every working day this
year throughout the EMA region. Our innovative approach is highlighted in this superb achievement by our high
performing teams from across the region. It underlines our commitment to operational and service excellence with a
huge investment in infrastructure and jobs.”

The building work commenced at 2 p.m. on the 26th of April as the ten modular parts of the restaurant arrived at
the site, and concluded at 2 p.m. on the 27th of April with an opening ceremony presided over by the Deputy Mayor
of Rotherham, Cllr. Littleboy and the Lady Mayoress, at which Whoppers, freshly flame-grilled in the new restaurant,
were served with Coke and Fries to an assembled audience of local VIPs and Senior managers.

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