Coolhaus  is  serving up an indulgent way to celebrate  Pride Month with  the release of a  brand new  flavor  EnjoyMINT  For All. The new frozen dessert  combines a decadent dairy-free peppermint base with a rich trail of chocolate cookie crumbs and a gooey purple marshmallow swirl  and is available now exclusively at National Co+op Grocers nationwide.    

EnjoyMINT  For All is  a celebration of the progress that’s been made for the  LGBTQIA+ community.  As a queer-led business,  Pride is especially personal to  Coolhaus  and each year they look forward to supporting their  mission to empower, inspire, and represent all.  With this,  100 percent of proceeds from the Coolhaus Scoop Shop sales in Culver City, California, will be donated to  The Okra Project, an organization actively addressing the global  crisis  faced by Black Trans people by providing them with home cooked, healthy, and culturally specific meals and resources.  

And  Coolhaus  isn’t stopping there.  Although  streets  across the country won’t be flooded with Pride  parades  this year,  Coolhaus  wants to serve up joy in a creative way. The  brand is encouraging  fans  across  the country  to  grab a pint of  EnjoyMINT  For All,  add soda and Pride-inspired toppings,  and  share their dreamy  Pride (ice  cream)  floats  and  at-home  celebrations by tagging  @Coolhaus and  using  #Pride2020.  

“Pride is at the heart and soul of  Coolhaus. We go to work every day to make amazing desserts for anyone who craves luxurious treats, but also to bring awareness to equality and love— as an LGBTQIA+ founder, that is core to our mission,” said Natasha Case,  Coolhaus  CEO and co-founder. “EnjoyMINT  For All is our latest way of saying we see  you,  we celebrate you and we stand with you, especially during this tough time.”  

EnjoyMINT  For All frozen dessert  is  available  now  at National Co+op Grocers nationwide  at  a suggested retail price of $6.49 per pint.

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