Daddy’s Chicken Shack is flying to new heights with its most recent regional development deal, driving the brand towards nationwide growth in the untapped East Coast market.
As an emerging brand in the competitive fast casual chicken sector, Daddy’s Chicken Shack announced its fourth regional development deal this year, igniting its growth in a new state. This milestone agreement for the brand’s first Southeast locations is a testament to Daddy’s focus on elevated, chef-driven menu items and advanced, tech-enabled operations. The highly sought-after chicken concept most recently caught the attention of Florida businessman Ed Zausch and his wife, Gayla. Now putting the brand at 80 locations in development, this specific deal targets expansion throughout Orlando and Daytona Beach.
As the newest franchisees with Daddy’s Chicken Shack, the Zausches have a wide array of experience, ranging from infrastructure management to teaching positions. Gayla’s family has owned and operated a variety of restaurants, ultimately giving the husband-and-wife duo a well-rounded understanding of the ins and outs of running a successful operation from all fronts. The couple aims to open the first of their 20 locations as soon as possible, predicting early 2023 for an opening date.
“Given our professional backgrounds, my wife and I have been seeking a new business venture that brings together both our skill sets and our passion for entrepreneurship. After meeting the Daddy’s team and trying the products ourselves, we knew we wanted to be an early addition to this fast-growing concept,” says Ed Zausch. “I’m honored that Pace and Chris have taken their passion project and turned it into something that my family can also be a part of. We’re thrilled to be joining them at this stage of expansion, and are honored to be the developers growing the brand throughout Florida, helping facilitate nationwide growth.”
The Zausches will oversee the site selection and development of all 20 Florida locations, targeting Orlando first and then moving outward toward Daytona Beach. With Ed’s background in infrastructure and utility business ownership, he provides an excellent scope of both commercial and residential markets that will prime this expansion for success. Similarly, Gayla’s experience in the restaurant industry gives the duo insight on industry trends and how to ingrain a restaurant into its local communities.
“We’re absolutely thrilled to see the Daddy’s brand expand into a new state. Florida will no doubt be a catalyst for our East Coast expansion, and with how rapidly the brand is expanding, this announcement couldn’t come at a better time,” says Pace Webb, who serves as CEO and leads the brand with Chris Georgalas, her husband and president of the brand. “Ed and Gayla are the perfect duo to introduce Daddy’s to the Florida market. With it being such a key growth market for us, we’re honored to have the Zausch family spearhead this new initiative and I look forward to having them with us for many years to come.”
The Zausches agreement comes just two weeks after the Dahlstrom family signed another 20-unit development deal split between Colorado and Texas. This chain of development deals was ignited by RE/MAX co-founder Dave Liniger, an investor turned franchisee who is gearing up to open his primary location with the brand in the coming months. Each franchisee is inspired and motivated by the dynamic concept, and especially with the product created by Pace Webb herself. Webb, an accomplished entrepreneur and chef, handcrafted each menu item. She perfected a flavor profile unlike any other that blends her own Southern U.S. roots with tastes from Southeast Asia. The result is a menu filled with fried chicken sandwiches, bowls and sides capturing cult-like fanfare in its Southern California home market and soon well beyond. 
Launching in 2018, Daddy’s business model is deeply entrenched in technology. A brand ahead of the curve with front-end technology, the restaurant was designed to facilitate online ordering, app engagement, in-store web-enabled tech, exclusive pick-up areas and third-party delivery partnerships. Plus, Georgalas’ vision included a dynamic backend technology suite that fosters real-time data to better serve customers, employees and vendors. 
With a regional development deal in place for the Zausches, their immediate focus lies solely on their first location in Orlando. From there, they will begin actively marketing the franchise opportunity to qualified individuals who will carry on the Daddy’s Chicken Shack growth.
Ideal franchise candidates have a desire to provide quality, fresh ingredients to customers along with the idea of leveraging an unforgettable experience in bringing people together. The brand aims to attract individuals and groups with previous restaurant experience and who resonate with the brand’s values of bringing sunshine to communities by honoring inclusivity, good food and a memorable guest experience.  

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