Electro Freeze, a division of H.C. Duke and Son (Duke), introduced its new Electro Freeze logo and website, making the most dramatic change to its visual identity since 1969.

“The most profound change to the logo is the EF Cone icon,” says Tom Hotard, president. “Electro Freeze is known for its premium soft-serve dispensing equipment and for developing the first twist soft-serve machine in 1958, a concept that revolutionized the soft-serve industry. A cone image was displayed on the arch at the top of our machines in the ’30s and ’40s, but was never really a part of the logo.”

The updated corporate identity reflects the company’s history of providing soft-serve frozen dessert and beverage dispensing solutions, and is released in conjunction with the launch of the company’s new website.

“This new site brings our solutions-based strategies to customers 24/7,” Hotard says, “and is focused on optimizing the equipment, product, and customer connection for business success.”

Penny Klingler, vice president of sales, says “Electro Freeze is known for leading soft-serve equipment development, and we created the site to present the equipment from more of an application basis with the soft-serve products. We partner with our customers, providing them with equipment and education enabling them to produce profit-generating menu items that will drive their success.”

Electro Freeze equipment is sold and serviced through a solid distributor network of trained professionals across the United States and in 32 foreign countries.

"Our dedication to helping provide profitable solutions for customers is evidenced by our 2011–12 soft-serve machine rollout with Checkers and Rally's," Klingler says. "The successful rollout of their Cold Creations menu contributed significantly to the brands' category-leading sales growth over the last two years.

“Moreover, during the rollout, we also identified a need for an optimized shake program,” he adds. “Now, Checkers and Rally's are introducing our new labor-saving CS705 shake machine to both their current and new restaurants throughout their quickly growing chain."

The CS705 will be featured in the What’s Hot! What’s Cool! new product gallery at the North American Foodservice Equipment Manufacturer’s (NAFEM) Show in Orlando, Florida, February 7–9, where Electro Freeze will also be exhibiting in Booth 1422.

Duke’s customer-driven innovation dates back to its development of the first ice-cream freezer for a Dairy Queen franchise in 1946.

“We continue to partner with Dairy Queen, the frozen treats giant, to provide a premium soft-serve product to their guests,” Klingler says.

Electro Freeze provides equipment solutions to many well-known ice-cream chains and quick-service restaurants.

“When SONIC, America’s Drive-In, launched their Frozen Zone Real Ice Cream Menu, Electro Freeze provided high-quality equipment that is simple to operate and easy to maintain in the largest cities and the smallest towns,” Klingler adds.

“The new Electro Freeze logo and icon reflect our heritage,” Hotard says, “and are congruent with our aggressive development process of the next generations of soft-serve and frozen-beverage equipment, and with the Electro Freeze mission to develop enhancements for customer profitability and consumer enjoyment.” 

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