Ellianos Coffee, a southeast-based drive-thru specialty coffee brand, announce the launch of its latest coffee creation—the Joy Shot. Now available at all Ellianos locations, the Joy Shot consists of smooth espresso, creamy half-and-half, rich caramel, and decadent whipped cream—shaken (not stirred). It offers a delightful blend of sweetness with the robust kick of espresso. This innovative beverage is a testament to Ellianos’ commitment to quality, creating a positive, joyful atmosphere and customer experience. 

The Joy Shot began as a staple drink at one of the franchise’s 51 locations. As the popularity of the drink grew to other stores, it was a no brainer for the company to launch the Joy Shot franchise-wide.

“We are beyond excited to introduce the Joy Shot to all our customers across the Southeast,” says an Ellianos spokesperson. This drink represents what Ellianos is all about—innovation, quality, and, most importantly, community. We strive to create a positive customer experience that will bring joy out of our customers. We hope this promotion will delight our regulars and encourage new customers to experience the unique flavors that make Ellianos stand out.”

The Ellianos menu boasts Signature Creations such as the Caffe Dolce Latte, iced Tuscany Toffee Latte, or a Cookies and Cream Freezer. For non-coffee drinkers, Ellianos offers fruit smoothies, Red Bull Rushes, teas, shakes, and more. The coffee franchise also provides an array of food items such as breakfast sandwiches, fresh New York-style bagels, hearty breakfast bowls with creamy homemade grits, and more.

Over the past year, Ellianos has seen significant growth, expanding its footprint in Florida and Georgia and offering territories in other states. The brand continues to seek franchisees for territories in Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

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