fresh&co, a healthy fast-casual restaurant group recognized for its chef-inspired, locally-sourced and seasonal menus, has announced that it will introduce a special 4/20 hemp and CBD-infused menu that will launch exclusively on the fresh&co app on April 9 and will be in restaurants from April 12 through April 30. fresh&co executive chef Craig Rispoli curated the menu in collaboration with Jeepney’s chef Miguel Trinidad.

Together, Chef Rispoli and Chef Trinidad created an innovative and colorful menu that consist of the Half-Baked Salad (hemp cakes, mixed hemp greens, sea beans, red onion, carrots, beets, crispy onions, jalapeno s’chug, and CBD- infused ginger cashew aioli, 15mg cannabidiol); Blazed Beet Sandwich (hemp cakes, mixed hemp greens, sea beans, red onion, radish, jalapeno s’chug, and CBD-infused ginger cashew aioli served on beet bread, 15mg cannabidiol); and CBD Pink Honey Ginger’ade Lemonade (filtered water, lemon, wildflower honey, ginger, hibiscus, 10mg cannabidiol).

“fresh&co always strives to stay ahead of the food trends and invent new menus that are healthy, sustainable and nutritional that can’t be found anywhere else,” says George Tenedios, CEO of fresh&co. “By collaborating with Chef Trinidad, we have developed a creative way to incorporate CBD and Hemp, which has gained mainstream popularity because of its health benefits, into our newest menu items.” 

Chef Miguel Trinidad is the executive chef and co- owner of New York City restaurants Jeepney Filipino Gastropub and Maharlika.  He is also at the helm of 99th Floor, gourmet cannabis edibles brand renowned for its upscale private dinner events.  He is also a judge on the upcoming season of Vice’s show Bong Appetit, a competition where high-end cuisine meets high-end cannabis. 

“fresh&co was privileged to join forces with the distinguished Chef Trinidad to create an original, authentic, and inventive Cannabis menu that we believe our customers will enjoy,” says executive chef Craig Rispoli.  “By using wholesome ingredients for which fresh&co is known, we infused the finest CBD and Hemp into each dish. We are excited for our customers to try this special new menu.” 

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