Frontline International—whose Smart Oil Management systems help foodservice establishments protect their brands, monitor their cooking oil usage, and get more value out of their fresh and waste cooking oil—announces the launch of its newly revamped website at

With an all-new look, easier navigation, product descriptions, graphic interfaces, videos, and more, the new site demonstrates how Frontline’s solutions for fresh oil, filtration, and waste oil can help customers manage their fresh oil supply, extend the life of fresh oil to save money, and turn their waste oil into a profit center, all while reducing risk and improving safety in their kitchens.

An expanded product section gives details and SKUs for every piece of Smart Oil Management equipment.

Frontline’s modular equipment lineup represents the company’s unique ability to offer customers customized, flexible, right-sized solutions for many specific needs versus global implementation plans that appear to offer economies of scale but don’t consider volume, geography, and “buy-versus-lease” savings.

A password-protected client portal lets customers log in from anywhere to use Frontline’s user-friendly, Web-based M3 Data Management System to Monitor, Measure, and Manage oil usage and create detailed reports.