Good Times Restaurants Inc., operator of Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard, a Colorado quick-service restaurant chain best known for its fresh, high-quality, all-natural products, is spicing up the month of September by introducing its Hatch Valley Green Chile Menu. The limited-time offer, available through September 30, features the Green Chile Burger Torta, the Green Chile Chicken Torta, and the Green Chile Burger Slider.

Fall is the season for green chiles, when Denver residents seek out vendors on the street selling the popular savory fruit that has a medium spicy flavor. The Hatch Valley burgers and chicken sandwich are topped with the regional favorite Hatch Valley green chiles, which are grown in neighboring New Mexico. The limited time menu includes:

Green Chile Burger Slider is an all-natural slider patty topped with Hatch Valley Green Chile Chutney and American Cheese on a slider bun.

Green Chile Burger Torta & Green Chile Chicken Torta features an all-natural beef patty or breaded all-natural chicken topped with Hatch Valley Green Chile Strip, red onion, lettuce, tomato, pepper jack cheese, and Hatch Valley Green Chile Chutney on locally made focaccia bread from Izzio’s.

Offering the Hatch Valley Green Chile burgers and chicken sandwich is a natural move for Good Times, which features as permanent menu items the Green Chile Cheese Fries—made with Good Times’ Wild Fries or natural cut fries, Hatch Valley Green Chile and Melted Cheddar Jack Cheese—and the Hatch Valley Green Chile Breakfast Burrito—made with Hatch Valley Green Chile, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, potatoes, choice of bacon, chorizo, sausage, or no meat wrapped in a tortilla. These items serve as a testament to the popularity of the green chile pepper.

“Our Green Chile Cheese Fries and Hatch Valley Green Chile Burrito, made with the same chiles, are two of our most popular items, so we know the Hatch Valley Green Chile burgers and chicken sandwich will do very well,” says Scott Lefever, COO of Good Times Restaurants Inc. “This chile pepper, which is grown in Hatch, New Mexico, is versatile and complements many dishes. It’s no wonder the locally sourced chile pepper is so popular and an entire annual celebration, the Hatch Chile Festival, was developed around it.”

The Green Chile Burger Slider is available for $1.79, the Green Chile Burger Torta and the Green Chile Chicken Torta are each $4.99 and the Green Chile Cheese Fries are $3.29.

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