InMoment, a customer experience optimization platform, announced new enhancements to the company’s Experience Hubthat will significantly expand brands’ abilities to surface and understand the insights found inside customer stories. Armed with this information, companies are empowered to make smarter decisions that improve both their customer experience, and bottom lines.

With today’s increasingly mobile and diverse populations, even brands that operate in a single country or market often serve customers who speak a variety of languages. Multi-market and global brands work with multilingual customers on an even larger scale.

"Foot Locker Europeserves customers across 17 countries and four different banners, including Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Runners Point, and Sidestep," says Thomas Schmidl, director of operations for the company. "Being able to listen to each customer in her or his own language is absolutely critical to understanding how they truly feel about their experiences with our brand and our services. Scores vary greatly between cultures. If we depend solely on numbers to understand our customers, we make poor decisions, and miss huge opportunities. We look forward to hearing more stories from more customers than ever before."

InMoment’s Global Text Analytics capabilities can analyze customer feedback across languages and geographies in real-time to scale for a full view of a brand’s customer experience. These expanded capabilities, combined with InMoment’s proven multilingual feedback and reporting features and Global Centre of Excellence, provides practices, insight, and technology for a comprehensive Voice of the Customer program. InMoment’s Experience Hub supports 90 languages, covering more than 75 percent of the world’s population and 90 percent of world GDP.

InMoment’s CX Analyst Tool gives brands self-serve access to immense processing power and industry-leading visualization capabilities to better understand big customer data — all without having to make massive investments in hardware, software, and personnel. The CX Analyst Tool allows brands to access and analyze large quantities of customer feedback on the fly from multiple sources to create flexible, customised, and interactive views of customers’ experiences. With this perspective, InMoment clients can spot trends, identify emerging issues and opportunities, and acquire predictive insights to inform future action. The CX Analyst tool includes ongoing support services to maximize client outcomes.

“For years, we have invested heavily and consistently in tools that help companies discover the insights hidden inside their customer data,” says InMoment CEO John Sperry. “The new capabilities announced today bring a trifecta of massive processing power, data visualization, and text analytics technologies to the market, elevating brands’ abilities to move beyond a culture of scores, and toward a place where they can leverage an entirely new level of intelligence found within the experiences of their customers to inform actions across every area of their business.”

The CX Analyst Tool and InMoment’s Custom Reports are part of the company’s commitment to ensuring clients have the flexibility they need to create a Voice of Customer program tailored to their specific needs.

Global Text Analytics is available to all InMoment clients at no extra fee as part their Experience Hub subscription. The CX Analyst Tool and Custom Reports are available separately at an additional cost. All capabilities will be generally available beginning July 2015.



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