Kahala Brands, parent company of brands such as The Counter Custom Burgers and Baja Fresh has opened through the Kitchen United platform to produce fresh quality meals in only 299 combined square feet of space.

Ghost Kitchens are a new and emerging trend in the industry and Kahala Brands is excited to be at the forefront of the innovative concepts. The unique structure of Kahala Brands, along with the rise of third party delivery has created the opportunity to test combining multiple concepts in one small kitchen to leverage the sales of third-party delivery and online platforms along with the cost savings of having small, multi-use kitchens.

Two of Kahala Brands food concepts, Baja Fresh Mexican Grill and The Counter Custom Burgers utilize space through Kitchen United. These two exceptional brands have an existing third-party presence with synergistic equipment.

“The use of ghost kitchens could prove to be a concept that provides franchisees a unique solution and Kahala Brands is in an advantageous position to do so,” says John Wuycheck, senior vice president of franchise development for Kahala Brands. “With so many brands under one roof, and each brand having its own singular marketing through third party delivery and online vehicles, it will be incredibly beneficial to all participating brands and franchisees.”

Guests are able to order directly through each brands website, third party delivery sites, on site via kiosk or through the Kitchen United website. The guests order will be produced in real time and placed on a conveyor belt where a Kitchen United employee will then hand the product to the guest or third party delivery company.

The Kitchen United Mix is located at: 7127 East Shea Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ 85254; orders should be placed online.

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