Customers visiting a Lovin’ Spoons store will soon be able to dig into cups of the company’s own self-branded frozen yogurt. The growing yogurt franchise has formed a strategic alliance with Freshëns Quality Brandsthe yogurt and smoothie company, to create and manufacture a new proprietary yogurt lineup scheduled to launch in June.

As Lovin’ Spoons looks to expand through franchise opportunities across the Southeast and beyond, the Freshëns alliance will help further differentiate the young company from other self-serve yogurt brands. 

“The opportunity to tap into the Freshëns team’s decades of experience and unparalleled industry knowledge provides immeasurable value to our brand,” says Diane Kahn, president and founder of Lovin’ Spoons. “Lovin’ Spoons was built from the ground up to be a superior franchising opportunity and this partnership will help leverage our expansion plan efforts.”

Since the November 2010 launch of the first Lovin’ Spoons store in Savannah, Georgia, the company has experienced rapid, sustainable growth and brand awareness throughout the Southeast, recently opening a fourth location and attaining a large customer base of loyal fans. The brand has 1970s-inspired ambiance and decor.

Lovin’ Spoons and Freshëns spent months developing 35 new flavors, specifically formulated to meet the demographics of Lovin’ Spoons diverse customer base. Flavors include healthy low-fat, fat free, non-dairy sorbets, and sugar free options.

With more than 25 years of experience in the frozen treats category, Freshens tapped into the close relationships it shares with the industry’s most innovative flavor specialists. This was an integral component in the formulation of Lovin’ Spoons proprietary yogurt and sorbet lineup. 

As part of the alliance, Freshens will also provide Lovin’ Spoons with ongoing strategic services to facilitate rapid growth of this dynamic new brand.

“Lovin’ Spoons has developed a unique brand DNA and created an entertaining environment for customers to socialize,” says Ed Redmond, Freshens senior vice president. “We discovered there was great chemistry between their passion for the Lovin’ Spoons brand and our ability to assist in the development a proprietary lineup of yogurt that aligns with their customer base. In their short history, they’ve already achieved great success and we are thrilled to provide resources that will assist their future growth.”

Lovin’ Spoons features a rotating list of nutritious, tasty flavors and more than 50 premium toppings, ranging from fresh fruit to candy and syrups. While the company’s existing yogurt is already extremely popular, Kahn said the new and improved yogurt will prove an even bigger hit with fans.

“Our new yogurt has more intense flavor top notes and provides a richer, creamier consistency,” Kahn says. “We’ve worked diligently with Freshëns to create a truly premium product that is exclusive to Lovin Spoons.”

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