While the calendar forecasts colder months ahead, the bright and citrusy taste of tangerine in each refreshing sip of Modern Market Eatery’s new Tangerine Hibiscus Lemonade will remind consumers of sunnier days.  Launching the first week of November, the new beverage features Oregon Fruit in Hand’s pourable Tangerine Velvet, providing a fresh and nostalgic real fruit burst to each drink.  

According to Innova Market Insights, about one-third of all new beverage launches feature a citrus fruit.  Tangerine is one of the fastest growing citrus fruit preferences by consumers, according to Kerry 2023 Trends and Nutrition Charts.  Tangerine satisfies consumer cravings for sweeter, creamier, orange profiles, along with their growing desire to try new flavor combinations.   

New Tangerine Hibiscus Lemonade adds Modern Market Eatery’s freshly brewed hibiscus and berry botanical tea to the refreshing recipe, balancing the sweetness and providing unique floral notes.  

“Oregon Fruit’s purees have been an amazing addition to our house-made lemonade program.  They’ve allowed us to pull in delicious and inspiring flavors that we wouldn’t be able to execute otherwise,” says Nate Weir, Vice President of Culinary at Modern Market Eatery.  “Each bottle of Oregon Fruit’s puree is perfectly consistent, which gives us the confidence that our lemonade recipes will taste just right in all our restaurants.” 

Utilizing consumer insights, Oregon Fruit uniquely collaborates with foodservice operators to develop menu items that are on trend with consumer food and beverage preferences.  Oregon Fruit’s real Tangerine is the perfect complement to Modern Market Eatery’s lemonade program.  

Oregon Fruit’s line of Velvet purees are both delicious and versatile.  The high-quality real fruit products are ideal for seasonal and limited-edition beverage menus.   

Available to consumers today through April 2024, the new Tangerine Hibiscus Lemonade can be enjoyed for $3.45 (with free refills) nationwide, including Modern Market’s newest restaurants opening soon in Colorado Springs and Kansas City.  

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