The North American Association of Subway Franchisees announced its retention of nationally renowned attorney Robert Zarco, Esq., and the law firm Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A., as its new General Counsel. Mr. Zarco and his law firm are ranked among the highest level of franchise attorneys in the United States and Internationally. Mr. Zarco and his firm possess a wealth of experience organizing, advising and representing, among the largest and most significant franchisee associations over the Firm’s 35+ year history. Mr. Zarco and his highly-experienced team of attorneys have represented franchisees, franchise associations, dealers, licensees and distributors from over 500 franchise systems throughout most of the United States and internationally.  

NAASF secured Zarco Einhorn Salkowski as General Counsel to bolster its continuing commitment of providing support to its membership. “My Firm and I are honored and thrilled that NAASF granted us the privilege to provide our experienced and unique legal services. We recognize the tremendous value NAASF provides to its membership and we are eager to aid NAASF in its admirable mission of supporting its talented membership in creating a mutually beneficial relationship with the Franchisor. Together, NAASF and my Firm will promote congeniality and comradery among the membership as well as with the Franchisor in order to resolve systemic issues and accomplish each other’s objectives in a manner that mutually benefits all parties,” said Robert Zarco, Founding Partner of Zarco Einhorn Salkowski. Indeed, among NAASF’s primary objectives is to work towards aligning the interests of the franchisees and the franchisor for the mutual benefit of all parties.   

NAASF zealously advocates for its members. When issues arise that affect the Subway® franchise system, NAASF readily rises to the occasion to offer support, guidance, and direction to its members concerning how to navigate such issues in a manner that is consistent with the franchisees’ Agreements and in accordance with applicable law. NAASF’s bargaining power is derived primarily from its ever-growing membership who speak as one unified voice and who remain united when systemic issues affect their fellow members. 

NAASF and the Zarco Einhorn Salkowski firm recognize that sustained profitability arises primarily from franchisees acting in a unified manner and working in close collaboration with the Franchisor to resolve systemic issues without having to initially institute dispute resolution measures. With the support of Mr. Zarco and his firm, we believe our member’s opportunities for prosperity are boundless. We look forward to working with Mr. Zarco and his firm as we navigate current and future affairs.    

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