With smartphones penetrating more of the consumer market every day, one upstart company is helping quick serves and other businesses optimize their websites for mobile devices through a process that takes just a few minutes.

Web2Mobile’s new product, FiddleFly, offers a customizable template that businesses can use to adapt their existing websites to mobile-optimized ones.

Businesses simply subscribe to FiddleFly for a fee, and then work with one of the company’s affiliates to design the mobile site, a process that can take as little as 10 or 15 minutes. After the site is completed, the business then has access to the FiddleFly portal, where they can make any changes.

Alex Kutsishin, CEO of Web2Mobile, says a mobile-optimized site should be considered a customer-service feature today because consumers are often turned off by a non-optimized site viewed on their phone.

“Statistically speaking, 70 percent of people don’t go back to a website that they looked at on a mobile device if it was not comfortable for them to use,” he says, adding that 99 percent of businesses have not optimized their website for mobile devices.

Beyond the comfort factor, mobile-optimized sites are also becoming the primary option for searching consumers, Kutsishin says. Because of this, he says, businesses—especially restaurants—must meet their customers where they are searching.

“Currently, there are twice as many Web-enabled mobile devices as there are laptops and computers,” Kutsishin says. “That tells you that the majority of your audience does not have an opportunity to get to a computer to view what they want to view, but they can get it on their phone.”

The FiddleFly product allows businesses to incorporate geo-locating services, meaning customers can use the mobile site to find a unit closest to them, Kutsishin says.

“It’s important to not just be found locally, but also be able to provide the local searcher with a platform that makes it easy for him to look at what you’re providing,” he says.

By Sam Oches

Consumer Trends, News, Ordering