Patria Services Corp. announced today that it was selected by U.S. Foodservice and Augeo Affinity Marketing as a new member benefit available through U.S. Foodservice’s Resource Advantage Program.

Patria Services Corp. is an innovative life-event direct marketing company based in Wilmington, Delaware. Patria provides restaurants of all sizes and locations low cost, customized, turnkey, direct marketing programs that will generate new growth in dining customers and revenues. Patria handles all aspects of the program, including a proprietary, print-on-demand technology platform, mover list selection and segmentation, creative design, distribution, consumer modeling, and marketing materials.

Statistics indicate that nearly 40 percent of new movers change their primary dining relationships. With Patria, Resource Advantage Program member restaurants can utilize this new growth and client acquisition strategy to highlight their restaurant offerings while expanding their overall customer bases.

“Increased competition from national, regional, and local restaurants combined with a difficult economy means that all restaurants must utilize new methods and refine existing strategies to improve target marketing that attracts new dining customers as well as better retain existing customers,” says Jim Roszkowski, Patria’s president and CEO. “In an expense-conscious environment, Patria’s innovative and cost-effective solutions can help restaurants large and small gain significant competitive advantages in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”