The EVERY Company, a food technology company accelerating the world’s transition to animal-free protein, has partnered with leading national cold-pressed juice and plant based snacks brand Pressed to serve the world’s first nature-equivalent animal-free soluble protein directly to consumers for the first time—in the newest Pressed Pineapple Greens Protein smoothie. This limited time offering will be available on both coasts at select Pressed locations in Los Angeles and New York, while supplies last.

EVERY uses precision fermentation to produce super-functional animal-free proteins made without using animals. The Pineapple Greens Protein smoothie’s featured ingredient, EVERY’s world’s first animal-free egg white protein, is functionally equivalent to an egg white protein from chickens but made in a far more sustainable way. Unlike all other proteins in the market, EVERY’s ‘nearly invisible’ protein has no aftertaste, no gritty texture and requires zero need for masking agents, sugar or artificial sweeteners. As a result, EVERY Protein is virtually taste-free, giving way to the real, fruit-filled flavors found in this delicious super-charged smoothie blend — and delivering a whopping 10g of animal-free protein per bottle without compromising on flavor or environmental impact. Additional ingredients include apple, pineapple, banana, spinach and avocado. The limited-time smoothie has no added sugar and provides 40 percent of your daily value of vitamin C. This product is suitable for vegans, but it is not suitable for those with egg allergies due to its game-changing nature-equivalent formulation. Pressed will sell the smoothie for a limited time at select locations across Los Angeles and New York markets for $7.95. The smoothie can be purchased directly from or the Pressed app for pick-up or delivery at participating locations, and via delivery partners like Postmates, UberEats and DoorDash.

“Pressed is dedicated to making the most innovative, plant-forward offerings accessible to our customers and our partnership with EVERY is a continuation of this invigorated focus,” says Pawan Kalra, Chief Executive Officer, Pressed. “The new Pineapple Greens Protein Smoothie includes all the key components to our uncomplicated approach to products; cutting edge ingredients, fresh fruits and vegetables, and no additives. We can’t wait for our new and existing customers to try this incredible and incomparable smoothie.”

Pressed plans to launch its Pineapple Greens protein smoothie featuring protein by EVERY in more locations next year as they continue to evolve their menu. Pressed began in 2010 with the belief that fundamental nutrition is the cornerstone of health and wellness. Since then the brand has continued to expand its plant-based options and pave the way for plant-forward living by making healthy food more accessible to everyone.

“We’re honored to partner with Pressed to offer the world’s first animal-equivalent protein beverage made without using a single animal, available in the market,” says Arturo Elizondo, CEO and founder of The EVERY Company. “Gone are the days of gritty protein smoothies with a grainy aftertaste. Or smoothies that need loads of added sugar, chocolate or vanilla to mask the flavor of the protein. Our vision at EVERY has always been to make truly uncompromised products, and we’re excited to take the next step towards realizing that vision. Today is the first time consumers anywhere in the world will be able to taste the magic of what the future of food can be: kind, clean, and delicious.”

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