Tattle, an innovator in the customer experience improvement (CXI) category, announced its integration with Olo, a cloud-based e-commerce platform for the restaurant industry. This partnership empowers mutually partnered restaurants to effortlessly uncover key operational improvements, resulting in tangible ways to elevate the off-premise guest experience, giving team members the data they need to increase positive guest sentiment, ultimately driving sales and transactions.

Tattle provides guests with a survey after they order from the Olo platform. This provides restaurant operating teams with guest feedback from both Olo’s Dispatch and Order Ahead experiences, so they can in turn, make high-impact operational improvements.

Tattle is a customer feedback technology platform built with an open-API in order to measure guest satisfaction through all-digital ordering channels, ranging from dine-in, take-out, delivery, and more, and provide omni-channel visibility. This includes recommending the most high-impact operational area for improvement across restaurant locations to drive the greatest increase in guest satisfaction. Now, through this partnership, all guests that place an order with a participating restaurant that uses Olo will be sent an automated survey from Tattle, pre-installed with their unique transaction data such as location of order, timing, ordering channel, and more.

“With off-premise revenue accounting for anywhere from 60-80 percent of a restaurant’s overall revenue today, the quality of the off-premise guest experience has now become paramount for operators,” says Alex Beltrani, Tattle Founder and CEO. “Based on our guest data, delivery and take-out experiences have shown to deliver a 20 percent lower guest satisfaction score compared to its dine-in counterpart, with accuracy and meal packaging incidents occurring at a 4x greater frequency. Without off-premise measurement, restaurants may miss the opportunity for both operational improvement and guest recovery, both of which are key contributors to ROI.”

“Our Tattle and Olo partnership has been transformative for the Blaze Pizza business. At its core, Blaze Pizza’s mission is to inspire joy through exemplary guest service,” says Vincent Szwajkowski, CMO of Blaze Pizza. “Tattle allows us to collect feedback through Olo’s ordering channels in order to effectively measure and improve high-impact operational areas across each of our restaurants. The simplicity and actionability of the data has ensured our team is inspired and focused to make 2021 an incredibly memorable year.”

The core benefits of the integration include:

Automated post-transaction survey distribution to guests for optimal engagement

Pre-populated survey with transaction data to ensure 90%+ survey completion rate of 50-questions

Statistically significant guest feedback volume for reliable identification of high-impact areas for improvement

More opportunity for guest recovery methods in order to extend hospitality beyond restaurants wall

“We are proud to partner with Tattle to empower our restaurant partners to distinguish their off-premise guest experience through elevated customer service,” adds Noah Glass, Founder & CEO of Olo. “More than ever before, consumers and restaurants are leaning into off-premise and the safety and convenience it offers. This makes it even more crucial for restaurants to differentiate themselves in the eyes of the customer and create real value in customer service through actionable insights. Partnering with Tattle enables our brands to offer an improved guest experience beyond the four walls of their restaurants, which is core to our mission.”

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