75 percent of consumers trade at least one meal a week for a snack.

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A quick slice of pizza, a shake or smoothie, or a baked good – consumers are always looking for something to snack on, now more than ever. According to Datassential, 74 percent of consumers have a snack in place of a traditional meal at least once a week. This growing trend – led particularly by younger generations, including Gen Z and Millennials – can be attributed to today’s consumers’ on-the-go lifestyles and shifting eating habits built around convenience. For restaurant operators, this is an opportunity to capitalize on selling quick, accessible grab-and-go items throughout the day.

“There are several ways operators can promote snacking items to resonate with current consumer behavior,” says Alyssa Barrett, senior customer marketing manager at Rich Products. “Making the experience seamless for the consumer by ensuring it is easy to order and quickly received. Efficiency and consistency in the back of house are key. Using versatile, easy-to-handle items that can be used across various menus will streamline operations.” 

One growing snacking mega-trend involves sippable treats, from soft drinks and coffees to shakes and smoothies. A 2023 study from Datassential found that 30 percent of consumers are purchasing more prepared beverage offerings. “Beverages are a great snack and one we’re continuing to watch as they rise in popularity replacing traditional meal parts,” Barrett says. 

Rich’s is meeting the beverage demand with a number of simple beverage solutions that drive profit margins and keep consumers coming back for more. The f’real by Rich’s Foodservice Blender makes blended beverages simple, while their portfolio of beverage toppings add visual appeal and versatility to your cups.

“Our f’real by Rich’s B7 Back-of-House Foodservice Blender is compact with a very small footprint,” Barrett says. “With the touch of a button, operators can easily blend milkshakes and smoothies, eliminating the need for multiple SKUs and expensive equipment.” Their milkshakes and smoothies come pre-mixed & pre-portioned. With almost zero preparation, operators can guarantee a seamless and quick delivery to the customer. 

Rich’s also offers a portfolio of beverage toppings, allowing another level of customization for the consumer. Drink foam sales are expected to climb 16 percent over the next 4 years, according to a 2023 Datassential “Menu Trends” study. 

“Our version of a cold foam topping, Soft Whip, sits right on top of a beverage,” Barrett says. ”It can be used across hot and cold beverages from cold brew and teas to frozen beverages–like milkshakes–and smoothies.” 

Beverages can be marketed as snacks themselves or bundled alongside other snack items to increase purchase totals and attract consumers with enticing deals. Individually wrapped cookies and brownies, and other to-go bites, like filled donut holes, meet snack cravings, while offering on-the-go ease and convenience. From packaged thaw-and-serve goodies to fully finished donuts, Rich’s has all of the time- and labor-saving solutions you need to step up your snack game.

Rich’s provides the tools, resources, and products to help operators stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on this trend. This includes best-in-class culinary training and support, insight, inspiration, and more. “We love to meet with operators one-on-one,” Barrett says. “We have idea sessions with them on the best ways to menu items based on their operation and provide recommendations based on the equipment they have. We provide a full-service solution approach.” 

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By Olivia Schuster

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