When your customers know the story behind a product, it helps foster trust and loyalty.

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Brand stories have become increasingly popular over the years and there’s a really good reason for that. When your customers know not only your product and how it affects them, but the story behind the product and how it’s affected everyone it’s touched, it helps foster trust and loyalty. It makes your brand feel more real and authentic.

45 percent of consumers say they believe a food/beverage described as “authentic” will be tastier. *

* Technomic 2016 Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report

It’s this desire for authenticity that has driven so many operations to be more expressive with their values and personality in recent years. Consumers aren’t necessarily just looking for a simple satisfaction to their hunger. They’re looking for a way to express themselves in every facet of their lives, including where and what they eat. A great way to do this is to talk about yourself and your history. Brands like Miss Vickie’s® have created a name for themselves by clearly communicating to their customers how the brand was created and, not only what the company stands for, but where it comes from.

Consumers, particularly younger consumers like Millennials, want to connect with brands on a deeper level and often frequent restaurants that have similar values as them according to the recent Technomic 2018 Sandwich Consumer Trend Report.

Whatever your story, the best thing you can do is share it with customers when the opportunity presents itself. On your website, in menu item descriptions, and on social media, share stories about why that recipe was chosen, where those specific ingredients come from, or anecdotes related to the flavors, for example. Additionally, you can leverage the stories of other brands to bolster your own. By offering products like Miss Vickie’s® kettle chips, you’re making that brand’s heritage of from-the-farm values part of your overall consumer experience and story. Consider using these tips to help you stand out in customers’ minds and build loyalty for your brand’s future.

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