“Flyrite was created based on the conviction that fast food could be real food. All Flyrite menu items are made with ingredients that have been meticulously sourced and vetted with the intention of creating real food, fast. At the same time, we are also dedicated to delivering that must-have delicious chicken sandwich experience, using chicken raised without antibiotics ever and that is vegetarian-fed. The art is in achieving that balance.

“We started with a very simple sandwich called The Standard, which includes a toasted, locally sourced whole-wheat bun; our hormone- and antibiotic-free chicken breast; and house-made pickles. The customer can choose one of Flyrite’s homemade sauces and additions like bacon, cheese, or jalapeños. Not long after opening, we decided to create three specialty sandwiches, combining our premium ingredients into four expertly composed ‘must haves.’ One of our favorites is called The Superfly.

“We kick it all off with our hot and spicy fried chicken, and layer that with pepper jack cheese, fresh jalapeño, and savory bacon, which is contrasted by a cool, refreshing bite of kale slaw and crisp dill pickle chips. All that flavor is held in a perfectly toasted, slightly sweet whole-wheat buttered bun, slathered with our house-made sriracha mayo.

“The Superfly has proved to be an excellent complement to the other offerings on our menu. Using ingredients we already have in-house to build it is a perfect way for us to get creative and give our guests the sandwich of their dreams. Most importantly, The Superfly is proof you can create a delicious sandwich with real ingredients—no MSG or fake flavor tricks needed.”

–Kevin Warden

Founder, Flyrite Chicken

The Players:

• Spicy chicken breast

• Whole-wheat bun

• Pickles

• Kale slaw

• Pepper jack cheese

• Applewood-smoked bacon

• Jalapeños

• Sriracha mayo

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