“The sushi burrito concept is an evolution of the sushi roll. The American customer is looking for a nice-sized portion, but they’re gravitating toward the healthier route and the more economic route.

“With the Slammin’ Salmon, it’s tataki-style salmon. It’s basically sushi grade, but we sear it on both ends, so you’re getting a Pittsburgh-cooked piece of salmon. We deal with all-natural ingredients. The salmon that we get is from Norway—farm-raised, no antibiotics.

“We mix the Slammin’ Salmon with either white or brown rice, and then we mix it with four different vegetables: romaine, red cabbage, cucumber, and pickled jicama. We like to keep that fresh, crisp feeling—you’re getting it from the romaine and red cabbage.

The Players:

• Tataki salmon

• Gochujang sauce

• Romaine lettuce

“We usually mix it with a crunchy topping, which could be anything from fried shallots to fried garlic or tempura crunch. It gives that texture every time you take a bite; you’re getting that spice, you’re getting the smoothness, you’re getting the fresh pop from the jicama, but you’re also getting a bit of a crunch.

“The Slammin’ Salmon is the No. 1 seller. For the Dynamite, we egg washed it, covered it in panko, and deep fried it. Think about it like a large egg roll. You’ve got this completely sealed, Chipotle-sized sushi roll that’s hot on the outside, crispy like a Mozzarella stick, light and crunchy with the panko, but then you still have the coolness and crispness of the fresh vegetables because we only flash fry it.”

—Patrick Hughes

Retail Group Manager, Hai Street Kitchen

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