Designed to defy the disconnect between health and convenience in the foodservice space, Locali opened in Los Angeles in 2009. Cofounder and CEO Melissa Rosen envisioned Locali becoming the nation’s first franchised brand with a natural foods deli and grab-and-go convenience store, and she and business partner Greg Horos are well on their way to accomplishing that goal; they’ve expanded it locally, opened a vegan fast-food kiosk, and sold their first franchise territory in Miami.

Now Locali is opening a delivery-only location in San Francisco. That unit will also serve as a commissary for its expanding packaged-food line, which today is sold in 100 locations, including Whole Foods. And through a partnership with Fransmart, Locali aims to expand across the country.

“Consumers require fast access to ready-to-eat foods,” Rosen says. “Customers also want food that is not going to weigh them down, with functional ingredients to benefit their overall wellness.” In the grab-and-go section, that’s delivered with refrigeration and tight inventory control. Locali’s food—from coconut bacon to The Deconstructed BLT Quinoa Salad Bowl—is fresh and flavorful, but also has a desirable shelf life for distribution.

“Unfortunately, our lifestyles are increasingly harried and hurried,” Rosen says, but Locali is able to meet the needs of those hurried people who also desire nutritious, fresh foods.

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