Slapfish’s 26 locations serve everything from the Nashville-Style Hot Fish Sandwich with Chesapeake blue catfish to the Miso-Glazed Barramundi Bowl, made from a mild and flaky barramundi that is glazed with sweet miso, pan griddled, and served with vegetable fried rice.

“Blue catfish is an invasive fish that has been showing up in recent years in waters throughout the Chesapeake Bay,” says Andrew Gruel, Slapfish’s founder and CEO.

Conservationists are concerned the population is growing out of control and are attempting to slow their population by catching and eating them, he adds. The rich, mild-flavored fish pairs perfectly with Slapfish’s five-alarm pepper paint, cool cabbage slaw, house-made pickles, and Jersey sauce. That helps the brand follow the Nashville hot trend and reduces this invasive species at the same time. Likewise, barramundi is the “poster child for sustainable aquaculture,” Gruel says, as it can be farmed in a manner that doesn’t harm the ecosystem.

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