The restaurant industry has been devastated by the coronavirus outbreak. Thousands of restaurants have closed. Millions of employees could lose their jobs. The National Restaurant Association estimates that the industry could lose a staggering $225 billion from the pandemic. 

But in the midst of all that hardship are also lessons for the future and the potential for an even stronger industry in the long run. 

What does the restaurant industry look like after the coronavirus? What will change for good? Which trends will disappear, and which will stick around? Whether you’re an operator, a vendor, a brand partner, or some other industry professional, we want to hear your ideas on what we should expect to see from restaurants in a post-coronavirus world, and what lessons you’ve already learned that will set your company up for long-term success.

Click here to send in your ideas or insightsand they could be included in a future QSR story. Don’t have time to type? Attach a voice memo to the webform instead and we’ll do it for you. 

Our team at Food News Media is committed to serving as a resource for you through this difficult season. Together, we can emerge from this pivotal moment stronger than ever. 

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