White Castle

White Castle Valentine's Day promotion enhances quick service experience.

Valentine’s Day promotions abound as operators take advantage of splurging consumers.

New touch screen ordering kiosks find home at fast food restaurants.

McDonald’s, White Castle test ordering kiosks that allow for burger customization.

Fast food chains reinvent fried side dishes.
December 2013

New fried sides give customers a wider variety of options to go with their entrée.

Krystal and White Castle host dueling celebrations during the month of May.
White Castle breaks 15-year-old advertising deal to go with a new agency, Zimmerman.
Rosemary Coones and Clinton Smith will celebrate their nuptials in unusual--and all expense paid--fashion tomorrow.
New packaging will be made from brown paper and recycled materials.
White Castle will induct the Class of 2008 on Thursday.
The site was designed by Northlich and allows users to download ringtones, play games, and create their own White Castle commercials.
White Castle opens 48th location in Detroit area.
In celebration of its 87 anniversary, the company is rolling back prices for 87 minutes on May 27.
The company's new bundled meals for $9.99 each will be available April 1.
Two Columbus, Ohio-area White Castles have opened with a newly rennovated design.
The French Onion Cheeseburger is the newest product to hit the White Castle menu and will be available beginning July 17 for a limited time.
From June 14 through July 4, White Castle will pay the sales tax on all purchases made its Detroit stores.
Fifty seven employees celebrated for 25 years of service to the burger chain.
New York area White Castle operators plan to donate the 500+ burgers prepared during the annual "Fastest Griddle Operator" competition to 250 students with perfect attendance.
Minnesotans are invited to treat their valentines to a unique, steamy experience this year by taking them to White Castle to enjoy some ``royal treatment.''
White Castle opens its newest location in the Chicago area today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.
The oldest fast food hamburger chain in the country inducted 40 new members into its "25 Year Club'' on Thursday, September 27 at a banquet in Powell, Ohio.
White Castle will host a ribbon cutting ceremony for their latest meat processing facility September 24.
Local leaders and members of the media have been invited to participate in the unveiling of a new prototype design for White Castle restaurants and to help feed the hungry.
White Castle team members from 12 metropolitan areas will gather together on June 26 to determine the fastest to prepare, box and bag 30 White Castle hamburgers.