White Castle, America’s beloved fast-food restaurant and CPG brand, is celebrating five years since its trendsetting and groundbreaking introduction of the Impossible Slider in Castles. In 2018, White Castle became the first fast-food hamburger chain and largest restaurant group to partner with Impossible Foods when it launched the plant-based Slider in all its restaurants.

The Impossible Slider is served with pickles and onions on White Castle’s signature bun and can be customized to customers’ desires, with or without cheddar cheese. This hot and tasty signature sandwich sizzles, tastes and smells like meat, but is made from plants.

“It is in White Castle’s soul to be innovative and take pioneering first steps in this industry, and we lived up to the billing with the Impossible Slider,” says Lynn Blashford, chief marketing officer at White Castle. “The introduction of a plant-based burger systemwide five years ago set a new standard that, like the Original Slider’s debut a century ago, others quickly decided to follow.”

White Castle wants to ensure everyone takes part in this five-year anniversary celebration! Now through the end of September, White Castle is offering members of its loyalty program, Craver Nation, a coupon for $1 Impossible Sliders (tax not included).  The coupon is available through the White Castle app.

The Impossible Slider was an instant hit when in debuted in April 2018 at 140 White Castle locations in New York, New Jersey and Chicago. Based on the overwhelming success of the pilot program, White Castle expanded availability of the Impossible Slider in September 2018 to all of its restaurants. The Impossible Slider was an instant hit with customers and quickly gained a loyal following, especially among Cravers who liked having another non-meat Slider option on the menu.

“White Castle was the first fast-food hamburger chain to launch Impossible Burger back in 2018, and has been a true leader and partner in launching the plant-based movement with Impossible Foods,” says Erin Reynolds, vice president of food service sales at Impossible Foods. “We’re so glad the Impossible Slider has experienced such enduring success with White Castle Cravers and fans.”

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