White Castle, America’s first fast-food hamburger chain, and Grammy-nominated artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist Fat Joe are teaming up to drop a legendary new line of Night Castle merchandise.

Ever stylish, and ready to take on the night, the new collection takes you from ‘ready to wear’ to ‘ready to crave’ in a heartbeat. The logo takes inspiration from street fashion, leaning into the graffiti art style at the heart of hip-hop’s roots.

  • The black shirt features “Fat Joe” written in white cursive typography over the left breastplate on the front, and a large image of Fat Joe, featuring some elements of emceeing and Sliders on the back.
  • The black knee-length shorts feature “Fat Joe” written in White Castle’s blue cursive typography on the right knee.
  • The all-black trucker style hat features “Fat Joe” written in White Castle’s white cursive.

The new merchandise, limited in quantity, is available for purchase at HouseofCrave.com, White Castle’s online store. 100% of the net sales proceeds will benefit Renaissance Youth Center, Fat Joe’s charity of choice for this collaboration. The Bronx-based non-profit enriches young people through music classes, afterschool programming, tutoring, STEM, coding, sustainable development goals, and civic engagement, while instilling the importance of self and community growth.

“White Castle was a staple of my childhood, so it’s a full-circle moment to team up with them on this Night Castle clothing collection,” Fat Joe says. “I remember growing up in the Bronx and grinding to make a name for myself, so I’m glad that we’re in position to pay it forward and use a portion of proceeds from this collaboration to support the next generation of young leaders from my hometown.”

White Castle has long been known as a late-night hot spot where people can satisfy their cravings at all hours of the night, including the ability to order anything on the menu, any time. It’s a reputation that the 102-year-old family-owned business embraces by keeping many of its Castles open into the wee hours of the morning — vast majority all are still open 24/7 — and by promoting itself as “Night Castle” on a variety of merchandise, including this newest line of clothing.

“When White Castle and Cravers Hall of Famer Fat Joe team up -that’s one great combo -and this new merch adds some swagger and fun” says Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “Night Castle is all about feeding the souls of craver generations everywhere – and this collab with Fat Joe does just that.”

White Castle and Fat Joe previously collaborated in 2022 for the month of “Joenuary,” where they collectively introduced the Spicy Joe Slider and Sloppy Fries and to celebrate Joenuary as a month dedicated to all things Joe.The Bronx native is a 2021 inductee into the Cravers Hall of Fame, an exclusive club that White Castle created in 2001 to recognize its most zealous fans, who are affectionately referred to as Cravers. With a location near where he grew up, Fat Joe was a frequent visitor of White Castle.

White Castle’s nighttime popularity was documented in this episode of the Crave Chronicles series. No matter where Cravers live, White Castle is always ready to be part of their late-night adventures. White Castle’s famous Sliders, as well as their tasty Chicken Rings, are available in the freezer aisles of grocery and other retail stores across the country.

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