White Castle is bringing deliciousness and value together as it unveils two new craveable Chicken Ring flavors, Hidden Valley Ranch Chicken Rings and Spicy Buffalo Chicken Rings. The crispy, uniquely shaped Chicken Rings are made with all white meat chicken. Cravers can get the Chicken Rings at an extremely appetizing price — just $3.99 for 12 — at participating Castles.

The addition of these two exclusive flavors means there are three versions of the Chicken Rings to savor and share among family and friends. The tried-and-true Classic Chicken Ring features tender all white meat chicken on the inside and crispy breading on the outside. For fans of a little extra flavor profile, The Hidden Valley Ranch Chicken Rings are perfectly coated with a dusting of Hidden Valley’s magical blend of buttermilk, garlic and special blend of herbs and spices. The Spicy Buffalo Chicken Rings, like the summer season, brings the heat with cayenne pepper, vinegar, garlic and paprika.

“Summer is the season of warmth and good vibes and that’s exactly what White Castle is delivering to Cravers with these delectable Chicken Rings variations,” says Jamie Richardson, vice president for White Castle. “We’ll also be bringing home the value for Cravers everywhere — 12 Chicken Rings for just $3.99 means you get great taste and a great deal.”

White Castle is providing Cravers a chance to always carry Chicken Rings in their pockets. A limited number of Chicken Rings inspired key rings are on sale at House of Crave.

White Castle is also delivering an exclusive drink for the summer. Cravers will be the first to enjoy Barq’s Red Creme Soda, the beverage that is one part creme soda, one part red deliciousness. It will be featured in every participating Castle’s Coca-Cola Freestyle® beginning June 26, two months before the soda is available elsewhere.

“We’re making sure Cravers stay refreshed with bold new flavors that can only be found in our Castles,” adds Richardson. “White Castle is always looking for unique collaborations that help us maintain our traditions but take our taste buds to brand new levels, and the Barq’s® Red Creme Soda does just that.”

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