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NASCAR Star Sells BK Burgers—Literally

2010-08-06 Tony Stewart helps promote Burger King's Smoky Cheddar Steakhouse XT by working a full shift in a restaurant. ...

Fast Food Breakfast Not So Bad Anymore


Burger King rolls out its new healthy breakfast program for kids on July 26 and hints at other rollouts in the near future. ...

Canadian Burger Kings Move on Child Obesity

2010-07-16 Burger King Restaurants of Canada Inc. pledges to limit sodium to 600 milligrams in all of the BK Kids Meals advertised to children under 12 years old. ...

Some Winners, Some Losers in Satisfaction Survey


Nine of 10 brands studied by American Customer Satisfaction Index show an increase in satisfaction between 2009 and 2010. ...

Canada’s Burger Kings Will Have a Taste of Seattle

2010-07-09 Seattle's Best Coffee and Burger King Corp. agree to begin offering Seattle’s Best in BK restaurants across Canada this fall. ...

BK Franchisee Makes the Digital Reader Board Leap

2010-07-06 St. Charles, Illinois, Burger King unveils Daktronics-manufactured digital reader board.

New Burger King Ad Agency Was an Easy Pitch

2010-06-24 Pitch Inc. selected to be the company's advertising agency of record for its youth and family marketing business.

BK Ribs Fire Up the Sales

2010-06-08 Burger King's slow-cooked BK Fire-Grilled Ribs have been purchased 10 million times since May 17 debut.

Pigs Fly as Burger King Releases New Pork Ribs

2010-05-21 Through marketing that plays off of the old saying "when pigs fly," Burger King advertises its new, limited-time-only bone-in pork ribs. ...

For Global Marketing Efforts, BK Hires New VP

2010-05-04 Natalia Franco named executive vice president and global chief marketing officer of Burger King Corporation.