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Action Services Group Provides Lighting Maintenance for BK

2013-05-14 Actions Services Group, a national lighting, sign, and electrical maintenance company, announced a service agreement with Strategic Restaurants Acquis...

Burger King Shakes Up Senior Management Team

2013-04-11 Burger King Worldwide (BKW) announced an evolution of its senior management team as CEO Bernardo Hees and chief financial officer Daniel Schwartz assu...

Burger King Gets Spring Fever with New Burger Fest Menu

2013-03-19 Whether you’re experiencing a case of spring fever or have been counting down the days awaiting the calendar’s “official” first day of spring, Burger ...

Burger King Debuts New $1 Seattle's Best Lattés

2013-03-18 Burger King recently added coffeehouse Lattés to the menu for the first time and is now encouraging guests to try one for a limited-time.

Burger King Goes 2 for $5 with Signature Sandwiches

2013-03-11 Burger King Worldwide is inviting guests to mix and match their favorite sandwiches at an unbeatable price.

Wendy's Ranks No. 1 for Kid-Friendly, Healthy Options

2013-03-07 According to Restaurant DemandTracker, a recent survey of restaurant customers in the United States, households with younger kids are much more likely...

Burger King Franchise Serves Up Employee Safety

2013-02-13 Employees are less likely to suffer from slips, falls, burns, or strains at nineteen Burger Kings because Republic Foods found a better way to handle ...

BK Perks Up Coffee Offerings with 10 New Items

2013-02-12 Burger King Worldwide revealed its refreshed coffee platform available in restaurants nationwide, blended by Seattle’s Best Coffee.

BK Sustains Customer Perception, Study Shows

2013-02-07 Burger King seems to have dodged a consumer-perception bullet in the U.S. so far in the aftermath of its recent U.K.

Pac-Man is Back, and Burger King's Playing a Role

2013-01-31 41 Entertainment announced that it has entered into a global kids promotion with Burger King Worldwide for the “PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures” pr...