Chain: Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Hopdoddy Burger Bar Pledges to Go 100 Percent Seed Oil-Free

Hopdoddy Burger Bar, a pioneer in the better burger space since 2010, on Tuesday became the first burger chain in the United States to pledge to go 100 percent seed oil-free by partnering with Zero Acre Farms, a food company focused on delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly cooking oil. Hopdoddy will start the transition by […]

Hopdoddy Shifts Toward Regenerative Agriculture Practices

Tuesday, on National Cheeseburger Day, Hopdoddy, an Austin based national brand who pioneered the better burger space, is making a large and public shift toward utilizing meats that are raised via regenerative agriculture practices, which is a way of farming that is immensely better for the consumer, the planet and the animal itself. “Enough with […]

Hopdoddy taps kea AI to Improve Guest and Employee Experience

kea, the cashier in the cloud improving hospitality and restaurant operations with AI, initiated its partnership with handmade burger bar, Hopdoddy. The collaboration focuses on improving how guests and team members experience to-go ordering. With kea, guests and team members can be at ease knowing the phone is answered every time it rings and that […]

Hopdoddy Burger Bar Will Open First Georgia and Florida Stores in Q4

Hopdoddy Burger Bar, offering an elevated craft food experience in a casual setting, will continue expanding its footprint with its first locations in Georgia and Florida opening in Q4 of this year.   The company opened its first Georgia restaurant in Atlanta on Oct. 4 and plans to open in Gainesville, Florida, on Nov. 15. The […]

Hopdoddy Partners with Black Fret to Award $50K in Grants to Local Musicians

Hopdoddy Burger Bar has partnered with music nonprofit Black Fret to award $50,000 in grants to local musicians to help amp up their careers through the new Tuned In campaign, running today through Oct. 25.   Throughout the campaign, Hopdoddy fans can listen to curated Tuned In artist playlists at restaurants or on streaming services and vote for their favorites. Hopdoddy […]

Hopdoddy Burger Bar Launches Partnership with Certified Piedmontese Beef

Hopdoddy Burger Bar launched an exclusive partnership with the heart-healthy Certified Piedmontese, officially sourcing all ground beef from the purveyor. Certified Piedmontese’s beef is 100-percent source verified and comes from cattle that are humanely raised on family ranches across Midwestern United States. “It’s been a tough year for the restaurant industry, but we’re proud to […]

Hopdoddy Burger Bar Supporting Teachers with Pay It Forward Campaign

In every way it can, Hopdoddy has made burgers and beer about more than just burgers and beer. From those working the front lines in healthcare, to restaurant workers, to teachers — Hopdoddy wants to help. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hopdoddy Burger Bar created a Pay It Forward campaign in May 2020 to […]

Escoffier, Hopdoddy Team Up for Educational Partnership

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts and Hopdoddy Burger Bar announced a unique, flexible educational partnership designed for Hopdoddy employees interested in enrolling in culinary school programs and advancing their careers within the restaurant industry. Through the new partnership, Escoffier offers its 100 percent online apprenticeship-model culinary programs for Hopdoddy Burger Bar full-time employees to […]