Tuesday, on National Cheeseburger Day, Hopdoddy, an Austin based national brand who pioneered the better burger space, is making a large and public shift toward utilizing meats that are raised via regenerative agriculture practices, which is a way of farming that is immensely better for the consumer, the planet and the animal itself.

“Enough with the narrative of eco-friendly equals plant based,” passionately exclaims Hopdoddy’s VP of Culinary Matt Schweitzer. “We have deviated from the old-fashioned – and effective way – Mother Nature ran the farm for billions of years. The best standards and future of quality sourcing is regenerative farming – one of the most effective ways to help reverse climate change.”

Regenerative agriculture is a method of farming and animal-raising that works in partnership with nature to make great tasting, nutrient-rich food while also healing the planet. By combining agroecology and agrotechnology, regenerative agriculture approaches land management in collaboration with nature. Through focus on building soil and healing ecosystems, land stewards are increasing resilience, boosting yields, capturing carbon, increasing nutrient density, and returning hope to rural economies. With planned grazing methods, grassfed beef and bison are credited for sequestering atmospheric carbon, improving soil health – and restoring native grasslands on the beautiful planes of North America.

 Hopdoddy is partnering with Force of Nature to source their meats and help spread awareness of the great need for the increased use of regenerative farming practices to conserve our planet. Simply put, a single burger jumpstarts a regenerative food system proven to cool our planet, purify our air and water, rejuvenate our soil, and raise animals like they deserve. 

Hopdoddy’s bison and beef supported the regenerative management of 14,000+ acres of land last year, benefiting an entire ecosystem supporting a biodynamic assortment of plants and animal species including butterflies, songbirds, waterfowl, raptors, deer, pronghorn, elk and many others. Additionally, these acres of land were not tilled under and sprayed to produce feed for these animals as would be necessary in the alternative conventional system.

Not only are the statistics staggering around the benefit of regenerative farming, the recent class action suit against Beyond Meat Inc. (plant-based meat-substitute products) showed that the company purposely misled consumers about the nutritional benefits compared to traditional meat products, has only further opened the eyes of consumers.

As of September 18, National Cheeseburger Day, there will be no plant-based meat substitute options on Hopdoddy’s menus. They will feature five regenerative burgers which will include the following:

  • The Roosevelt Burger – Force of Nature 100% grass-fed regenerative Bison with Goat Cheese and Fig Jam.
  • The Regenerative Royale – A play on a classic double quarter pounder with cheese, made Hopdoddy style. Made withForce of Nature 100% grass-fed regenerative beer.
  • The Mother Nature – Force of Nature 100% grass-fed regenerative beef patty, Vital Farms pasture raised egg, Raw Farm cheddar cheese Frico, Brother’s Bond Bourbon onion jam, crispy shallots & au poivre. aioli.
  • The Buffalo Bill – Force of Nature regenerative bison patty topped with blue cheese, steakhouse bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, buffalo sauce & Doddy Mayo.


They’ll also still serve their famous house-made veggie patty on the El Bandito burger (or it can be swapped into any burger build). 

Hopdoddy is officially launching their movement where all locations are proclaiming to “Save the Planet… One Bite at a Time” with their regenerative options. Hopdoddy’s audacious solution to stop climate change? Just eat a Hopdoddy burger. To further drive awareness, Hopdoddy is sponsoring the film premiere of Common Ground on October 4th in Austin, TX. Common Ground features actors Laura Dern, Rosario Dawson, Jason Momoa, Woody Harrelson, Ian Somerhalder, and Donald Glover in an uplifting film about the pioneers of the “Regenerative Movement” who are producing nutritionally dense food, helping to balance the climate, and bringing entire ecosystems back to life. These Americans from different walks of life, different political backgrounds, and different parts of the country share one thing in common – rebuilding our soil.

In short, Hopdoddy is proudly serving real, honest, delicious food that lets Mother Nature run the ranch and control the thermostat,” explains Schweitzer.

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