“Our snacks menu allows us to play with fun, innovative recipes and gives our guests the opportunity to try small, flavorful starters before their main meal. 

“The Chicken Pot Pie Fritters are Farm Burger’s spin on a chicken nugget. The goal was to create a dish that’s fun, different, and plays to our Southern roots. We want our guests to feel at home while dining at Farm Burger, and the Chicken Pot Pie Fritters bring you back to
comforting home-cooked meals, with apple butter for dipping.

“The key is that we start with slow-cooked, antibiotic-free whole chickens, using both white and dark meat. After that, it’s a pretty traditional addition of carrots, celery, onions, and thyme. We also coat them in panko for the perfect crunch.  

“Guests are intrigued when they see the Chicken Pot Pie Fritters on the menu. We often hear that these are craveable and packed with flavor—people love them. They’ve been a mainstay on our menu since day one.”

—George Frangos

Cofounder, Farm Burger

The Players:

• Antibiotic-free chicken

• Carrots

• Celery

• Onions

• Thyme

• Panko

• Apple butter

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