Fazoli’s has a formula for its LTOs, and the company is (mostly) sticking to it. The quick-service Italian concept with more than 200 stores nationwide runs four LTO windows annually, each with a value entrée, two “killer LTO” entrées, an LTO dessert, and a seasonal salad, says culinary manager Rick Petralia.

Its Breadstick Snacks have been a tremendous success “exemplifying everything that we are trying to accomplish with our LTO strategy,” Petralia says. The snack leverages a brand strength combined with a unique twist, and the dish has increased the average check and driven guests to the restaurant. With its Sacchetti Pasta in 2014, meanwhile, Fazoli’s learned that LTOs can’t be too out there, but must rather be approachable.

The goal of Fazoli’s LTOs? To bring wayward guests back and create a regular customer, Petralia says. Fazoli’s also aims to offer variety and value, provide price-competitive trial items, and increase the average check. The items have to be “familiar with a twist,” as Petralia puts it. “We know that the most important metrics for a successful LTO item are purchase intent and uniqueness,” he says. That’s why a customer at Fazoli’s can feel both safe and adventurous when they try the next Fazoli’s LTO.

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