“A waffle sandwich is still something that’s hard for people to get their thought process around. But chicken and waffles is very well known, particularly in the South. Most of America can associate with chicken and waffles. Ours is different, because most chicken and waffles are a Southern interpretation—a heavier, sweeter waffle. Ours is anything but that. It’s light, crispy, airy, not sweet. It’s only 250 calories. It started as a No. 1 seller, and it’s been
No. 1 since we opened.

“My thought process was that, because it was not sweet, we could do all kinds of fun, savory applications. We have the waffle, and we have a chicken breast marinated in buttermilk brine. Then we have our secret spice flour mix, and the chicken is fried. We use a chili honey, which is simply a hot sauce and honey, and we use a cider slaw, which kind of gives it a full crunch.

The Players:

• Belgian-style waffle

• Buttermilk-marinated chicken breast

• Spice flour mix

• Chili honey

• Cider slaw

“It’s won numerous awards. It’s an absolutely delicious sandwich because you’ve got the spicy, the sweet, and the crunch, and the coolness of the slaw. We have very definitive flavors and textures with the sandwich, and the customers really love it. It really is a very versatile platform.

“Recently we started thinking of another take on our fried chicken: We’re going to do a Buffalo chicken sandwich. And when we do our dessert versions, the waffle becomes the greatest pie-crust dough you could ever work with.”

—Dean Simon

Cofounder & CEO, Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches

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