For the first time, Wendy’s is ready to highlight its delivery efforts on national TV. It’s also a first for DoorDash, the company Wendy’s linked with as its exclusive logistics partner to bring its food to the doorsteps and offices of guests nationwide.

The exclusive deal means diners can’t get Wendy’s delivered through any other platform. In May, after the company’s first-quarter earnings, Wendy’s said about 25 percent of its restaurants were currently covered, up from 20 percent at the end of fiscal 2017. That number will continue to rise. Wendy’s said it is seeing incrementality, especially in the evening daypart, and higher average checks from delivery.

The partnership with DoorDash was announced officially in early December. DoorDash limits the radius a customer can order to make sure Wendy’s food stays fresh in its thermal bags. The companies piloted a partnership earlier in the year in Columbus, Ohio, and Dallas across 135 restaurants.

DoorDash is now offering consumers the new Berry Burst Chicken Salad delivered free when ordered through DoorDash as part of this campaign.

Check out the new ad below.

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